2 days (9AM-5PM)

Available Date

Classroom @ Bangi Resort Hotel :

14-15 February 2023

29-30 May 2023




who should attend?

  • Top management representatives and energy management committee members
  • Management groups and executives from large energy users
    Energy managers
  • Sustainability managers.
  • Energy Service Companies
  • Government officers/engineers/technical personnel involved in sustainable energy management programs at federal, state and local authority levels
    Energy management and energy efficiency consultants and practitioners.
  • ISO50001 external and internal auditors
  • Facilities and asset managers
  • Asset owners, administrators and facility management companies
  • Operation and maintenance directors, managers and executives
  • Lecturers, researchers, academicians and under and post- graduate students
Advanced Training On Energy Management System Development and Implementation Based On ISO50001:2018 For Adoption and Certification


This is a training program for non-technical and technical personnel who are involved or related to energy  management activities directly or in-directly in the organization or as the external services providers.

The training comes with overall and practical strategies on the effective implementation of energy management system(EnMS) especially for large energy users that will result energy cost reduction and contributing to achieve global targets the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and Net Zero or Carbon Neutrality by 2050.


  • To equip participants with comprehensive knowledge and techniques in developing and implementing measures for efficient management of energy at any organization.
  • If the organization has already implemented EnMS, it will help to improve the implementation especially in energy data collection, analysis and performance monitoring of the system.
  • To confirm or to establish the correct energy baseline and energy performance indicators to check the actual progress and results of the EnMS implementation in the management reviews for continuous supports and continual improvement.

Training Methodology

  • The training comes with the step-by-step guides on practical strategies, key steps and guidelines on how to develop and implementing an effective system to reduce operational costs from sustainable energy management practices.
  • It would also help to improve the existing and future energy performance with the use of a practical and user-friendly EnMS tool based on the template by UNIDO for on-going updates and monitoring of energy management activities for inputs in strategic business decisions making process.
  • Participants are required to analyze energy related data and information from the real-life case studies given or from their own data in the workshop during the training session.
  • Sharing of examples from ISO50001 certified facilities.


  • Will equip participants with comprehensive knowledge and techniques to help their organization in reducing business operating costs for energy through management practices in the current and very challenging economic climate especially since the Covid-19 pandemic started.
  • To meet market requirements and meeting the mandatory reporting requirements on sustainability and green practices for public listed companies.
  • To comply to the current legal requirements and the expected tighter requirements in the future related to energy and national and global environmental related commitment.
  • To prepare the organization to meet requirements for the certification if needed. 
  • The sharing of real-life case studies from organizations that have been successfully implemented EnMS by the adopting the ISO50001 and until certified by local and international certification bodies.

Endorsed by Suruhanjaya Tenaga (ST(IP/JOI/KPT)16/35/101(030)) – 8 CDP


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